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We are committed to providing AFFORDABLE legal services to Individuals, Families, and Small Businesses.
Julias Stewart, Esq. Mr. Stewart has over 30 years of life and work experience combined with his legal education and training. In addition to being a lawyer, Julias Stewart is licensed by the California Department of Insurance and the California Bureau of Real Estate. He is a trained mediator by the City Attorney's Office for the City of Los Angeles. He has a Associates of Nuclear Technology from Regents College, a Bachelors of Science from California Coast University and a Jurist Doctorate from the San Fernando Valley College of Law, where he graduated cum laude.

State Bar No. 237239

Real Estate Broker

License No. 01249614

Insurance Broker License No. 0B98457

FRAUD ALERT Only a lawyer can provide legal advice. If you are getting legal advice from anyone other than a lawyer, that person is committing a crime. It is called Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL). Legal Document Preparers and Paralegals are forbidden from giving legal advice. Paralegals must work for an attorney and not work directly with clients. The Judge and the Court's Staff will not give you legal advice. They will just recommend that you get an attorney. Even telling you how to fill out forms or filling out forms for you can be considered unauthorized practice of law. The most disturbing thing is that those that are practicing law illegally charge just as much as lawyers charge. A person who engages in the unauthorized practice of law in violation of Business and Professions Code §6125 may be guilty of a crime.


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